Crank Addiction

Crank Addiction Helpline

Today, Crank is one of the most used and abused illegal drugs throughout the United States. Because of its ease to manufacture and the low cost, Crank abuse is rapidly increasing virtually in every city, county and state. Users of this powerful drug are often totally unaware of the toxic chemicals that go into making the drug Crank. All to often, Crank is manufactured by inexperienced users in ”home made labs” that are known to blow up and produce toxic fumes.

A Crank user can experience many side effects from this terrible drug. Extreme paranoia, violent behavior, rapid weight loss, tooth loss, grinding the teeth, hallucinations, hearing voices, pale complexion, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, rapid speech that makes no sense, depression, sleeping or sleeplessness for long periods of time, suicidal ideations and different forms of schizophrenia. Crank users are also known to see shadows that move and feel that people are after them. Sometimes Crank users accuse their family members and friends of being with the Police, FBI, CIA or other government agencies and express extreme anger and violence to their loved ones. These side effects can often remain permanent if not treated, this is called “Meth Psychosis”.

Many family members of Crank users and the user themselves often do not know the seriousness and dangers of Meth. The Crank Help Line is here to assist you in answering all of your questions regarding Crank. This may include how to stop using Crank, helping a loved one stop, Crank interventions, Crank information and signs to look for. Please call our helpline today and get help before it’s to late.

For more information about Methamphetamine and Crank,
Call our helpline 24 hours a day at 1-866-535-7042